BYD Unveils Champion Editions of the Han EV and Tang DM-i

On March 16, BYD unveiled the Han EV Champion Edition and the Tang DM-i Champion Edition with prices ranging from 209,800 yuan ($30,434) to 299,800 yuan ($43,488), and 209,800 yuan ($30,434) to 239,800 yuan ($34,785), respectively. Despite the upgraded configurations, the prices of these models are lower than their previous generation counterparts.

In comparison to last year’s Han EV model, the Champion Version boasts a new blue color option and an upgraded chassis structure that automatically adjusts damping force in accordance with the road surface. Furthermore, the car keys have been replaced with NFC-based technology, and additional features such as a blind-spot detection system and a head-up display have been incorporated.

The Han EV Champion Version with a 715 km (444 miles) cruising range has seen a price reduction of 12,000 yuan ($1,740) compared to last year’s model with the same cruising range. Similarly, the flagship Han EV Champion Edition is now 10,000 yuan ($1,450) less than last year’s model.

BYD is well-equipped to tackle the ongoing automobile price war in the Chinese market. The company is offering two battery options, with driving ranges of 506 km (315 miles) and 605 km (376 miles), priced at 209,800 yuan ($30,434) and 229,800 yuan ($33,337), respectively.

The Han EV Champion Version will compete with the Tesla Model 3, which has undergone several price cuts. The current starting price of the Model 3 is 229,900 yuan ($33,351). Despite being larger in size, the Han EV Champion Version is priced 20,000 yuan ($2,901) lower than the Model 3 when equipped with a battery capacity below 60kWh.

However, the Model 3 boasts better motor performance than the Han EV Champion Version, with the rear-drive version delivering a total power of 194kW and a torque of 340 Nm. Additionally, the Model 3 features more advanced hardware and software configurations for assisted driving.

The Tang DM-i Champion Edition has added a new blue color option, an aluminum alloy multi-link, an NFC digital key, and DiLink 4.0 (5G) system. The electric-only driving range is 112 km (70 miles), while the overall driving range extends up to 1,050 km (652 miles).

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It is worth noting that prior to the launch event, there were reports suggesting that the price of the Han EV Champion Edition and Tang DM-i Champion Edition would be less than 200,000 yuan ($29,012). However, BYD denied these reports later.

During the launch event, Lu Tian, General Manager of BYD’s Dynasty Series Sales Division, announced that the Han and Tang series are expected to have a delivery volume of over one million units. Currently, buyers of BYD’s Han DM-i and Han DM-p models are eligible for a cash subsidy of 10,000 yuan ($1,450) until the end of April.

BYD plans to launch a number of new products this year, including the Seagull, Sealion, Frigate 05, Destroyer 07, Yangwang U8, and the first model of its new “F” brand. According to China Post Securities, BYD is expected to sell over 2.5 million vehicles this year.