BYD Invests in TYSiC

TYSiC, a developer and manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) epitaxial wafers, made registration changes with the China’s Industrial and Commercial Administration recently, adding BYD as a new shareholder. The company’s registered capital increased to about 100 million yuan, an increase of 2.58%. Previously, Shenzhen Hubble Technology Investment Partnership, an affiliated company of Huawei, also invested in the company.

TYSiC was established in January 2009, and its legal representative is Li Xiguang. Its business scope includes the R&D, production and sales of silicon carbide epitaxial wafers, semiconductor materials, and related devices. It has introduced three world-class SiC-CVD and supporting test equipment. According to TYSiC’s official website, it established the Silicon Carbide Research Institute in 2010 in cooperation with the Institute of Semiconductors and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

According to Zhihuiya, TYSiC’s recent focus has been on silicon carbide, quartz tubes, epitaxial wafers, semiconductors and other technical fields. It has 52 published patent applications, 51.92% of which are invention patents, and other patents with high market value include “a chemical-mechanical cleaning method for SiC epitaxial wafers”.

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For years, BYD has been making direct investments around the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. According to Tianyancha, BYD invested in more than 60 companies over the years, including  BYD Auto Co., Ltd., Shenzhen BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., FinDreams Industry Co., Ltd., and many others.

By direct or indirect shareholding, BYD is in effective control of nearly 900 enterprises, covering automobiles, lithium materials, rail transportation, display technology, construction engineering, property management and others. Among them, the projects with larger investment amounts are focused on BYD’s main strengths in the field of semiconductors and new energy. The company has also achieved a large shareholding or holding in some enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that BYD has also hatched unicorn enterprises that are involved with semiconductors, lithium batteries and precision manufacturing from its own business. At present, BYD Semiconductor is about to IPO.