BYD Intelligent Driving R&D Team Undergoes Leadership Change

BYD has emphasized the significance of both electrification and intelligence in its strategy. BYD considers electrification as the first half of the game, while intelligence is the second half.

The company places great importance on developing intelligent driving and plans to introduce technologies and products that cater to consumer needs promptly.

Currently, BYD Auto has taken the leading position in the domestic new energy field with its advanced three-electric system and vertically integrated supply chain layout.

However, its assisted driving system is often criticized and many models have difficulty receiving OTA system updates throughout the year.

In this situation, BYD has already started seeking change. According to 36Kr, Wang Huan, the head of intelligent driving research and development at BYD’s planning institute, has resigned.

The intelligent driving development department under his responsibility has been split up and integrated. More than 500 employees in that department have been mostly transferred to the electronic integration department led by Han Bing.

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It is reported that Han Bing, the director of BYD Electronic Company Limited‘s integrated department, has become the head of intelligent driving research and development at BYD after this adjustment.

At the same time, Han Bing is also preparing for BYD’s intelligent driving chip design team. As of press time, there has been no response from BYD.

Regarding the division of labor between Han Bing’s chip design team and BYD’s sixth business unit in the semiconductor business, insiders have also revealed that “the packaging integration of chips may be handed over to the sixth unit.” The integration of chips and algorithm businesses is also a positive signal for BYD to accelerate its self-developed intelligent driving technology.