BYD and DJI Jointly Launch the World’s First Vehicle-Integrated UAS

On January 16th, at the BYD Dream Day event, BYD and DJI jointly launched their first vehicle-integrated UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), which is officially unveiled for the first time. It is initially equipped on the YANGWANG U8 UAS version.

BYD YANGWANG UAS is an innovative feature launched by the BYD YANGWANG brand, which depicts BYD’s intelligent vision.

This vehicle-integrated UAS is designed to be installed on the roof of a car, with a retractable drone landing platform.

This innovation features intelligent storage, automatic battery swapping, and charging management, enabling takeoff and landing with one click. It also supports high-definition, high frame rate, and low-latency image transmission, ensuring that stunning aerial views can enhance your travel experience.

The UAS will normally be hidden inside the cabin on the roof of the vehicle. After takeoff, it will automatically identify the vehicle and hover in the air, waiting for instructions.

In addition, UAS can also transmit real-time images and provide a whole new perspective.

When the vehicle is in motion, the UAS can also intelligently follow along and capture real-time footage of the surrounding environment. The driver can also use a one-click intelligent editing feature to record every scenic view encountered along the way.

In the future, BYD plans to integrate vehicle-integrated UAS into certain models of its YANGWANG brand, providing practical functions such as launching the UAS to explore during traffic congestion on highways and helping drivers find clear routes.

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