BMW MINI Responds to Rumors of Differential Treatment Towards Chinese and Foreign Visitors

On April 20th, a netizen revealed that the staff at the BMW MINI booth at Auto Shanghai refused to give Chinese visitors ice cream. BMW responded by saying that this was a misunderstanding and they are currently handling the matter. Now, they are holding internal meetings to address poor staff management and will ensure proper training for their employees.

Previously, the online discussion about the suspected differential treatment of visitors at the BMW MINI booth during the Auto Shanghai Show sparked heated discussions among netizens.

According to an online video, two female staff members were distributing ice cream at a booth. When Chinese visitors asked for ice cream, they refused and said that it had already been distributed.

Later, a foreign visitor approached and after a brief exchange with the staff members, they took out a box of ice cream from a cooler for the foreigner.

After visitors on the scene questioned the behavior, a male staff member stepped forward and took away the insulated box containing the ice cream. The video was uploaded online and sparked dissatisfaction among many netizens.

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The blogger who posted the video stated that the incident occurred on April 19th at the MINI booth of Shanghai International Auto Show. They also claimed to have witnessed several instances where ice cream was given to foreigners but not to Chinese people.

The reporter contacted BMW China’s customer service regarding this issue. They responded by saying that they will report the situation to the relevant department and continue monitoring it closely. The person in charge of BMW mentioned that they are conducting an internal investigation.

Currently, MINI China, BMW China, and the official Weibo accounts of BMW Group have all closed their comments section and only allow followers to comment.