Biren Technology Announces Successful Test of BR100 GPU Chip Series

Shanghai-based computer chip startup Biren Technology announced that its first GPU chips, the BR100 series, were successfully tested on Thursday. According to the company, in terms of performance design standards, products in the BR100 series are the most powerful GPU chips in China, which directly benchmarks the latest flagship products released by global rivals recently.

The company explained that its BR100 series has been developed based on the chip architecture independently created by Biren Technology. It adopts a mature 7nm process and combines a number of cutting-edge chip design, manufacturing and packaging technologies, including “Chiplet,” which has the advantages of high computing power, energy efficiency and versatility. The testing and adjusting work related to the BR100 GPU chips is reportedly progressing smoothly.

Biren Technology added that it is continuing to build a complete and easy-to-use software platform and build a technical ecosystem. It is committed to helping users quickly realize a “seamless transformation” between products and partner companies through software and hardware collaborative optimization, so that the performance parameters can truly show “effective computing power.”

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After completing the relevant follow-up work, the computing products equipped with BR100 series GPU chips will be officially launched and open to the market.

Founded in 2019, Biren Technology is committed to the R&D of self-developed GPU systems, establishing an efficient software and hardware platform and providing integrated solutions across the field of intelligent computing.

Up to now, Biren Technology has completed round-B financing, with the total amount exceeding 5 billion yuan ($785.9 million). Earlier, Bloomberg learned from individuals familiar with the matter on March 28 that the startup plans to seek financing at a valuation of about $2.7 billion to promote growth.