Bilibili Tests Auto-Tune Remix Video Editor, Facilitating Content Production Process

Chinese video sharing platform Bilibili recently tested its new auto-tune remix video editor function, which aims to help uploaders produce remix-themed videos more easily, Tech Planet reported on Monday.

“Auto-Tune Remix” refers to a type of video popular in China, in which content includes funny effects by editing pictures and sounds repeatedly, without the requirement of using instruments to play background music.

Bilibili began to develop an auto-tune remix video function for the first time in September 2014. Many well-known videos were created at that time, even generating some prominent Internet buzz words. At the same time, the novel feature of the Chinese web began to show potential for commercialization.

Using the function, users can set the desired soundtracks and images after uploading a video. The materials in the editor are all dedicated for Bilibili‘s Auto-Tune Remix.

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Frequently repeated images and soundtracks are the major features of these types of videos. Using the software, uploaders can choose a tone for each Chinese character. As for the manuscript setting of lyrics, the editor conducts segmented time-delay processing.

Compared with traditional video editing software, the Auto-Tune Remix video editor lowers the threshold of creation, and is more convenient for uploaders to make unique videos of this kind.

Previously, making Auto-Tune Remix videos came with high requirements for a user’s editing ability. Uploaders had to use PC software (such as PR/VEGAS/AE/Corel) with complicated processes and low output efficiency.