Bilibili Now Supports 8K Ultra-Hi-Def Video

Bilibili announced on Monday that it now supports 8K ultra-high-definition video, the first platform in China to do so. Xinhua News Agency released the first 8K video on Bilibili which featured the Chinese Space Station in the night sky.

The sharpness of an image has an direct relationship with its resolution. To date, most videos have been 1080P or 4K, while 8K is a newer, and higher, reslution of video quality. At present, Bilibili is one of the few video platforms in the world that supports 8K video.

At the same time, Bilibili cooperated with one uploader named “Silk Museum” to present the texture of cultural relics made of silk with 8K image quality. After the function was launched, uploaders such as “Chinese National Geography”, “Film and Television Hurricane”, “8KRAW”, and “Eclipse” uploaded 8K videos for the first time, including scenery and food.

The 8K TV resolution standard is 7680×4320. In relation to the previous generation of video resolutions, 8K is 4 times the number of pixels found in 4K resolution and 16 times that of 1080P. In the case of the same screen size, 8K presents ten times the number of pixels, so it can better display details of light, texture, skin, and other visual elements.

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Bilibili is also providing uploaders with an image quality upgrade service. The company will offer to upscalevideos with resolutions of 720P and 1080P to 4K resolution, while also able to upscale 480P videos to 1080P. At present, the service is in the testing stage with applications open to all uploaders.