Bilibili Announces Partnership With QQ Music

On January 2, Bilibili and QQ Music jointly announced an in-depth strategic cooperation. The two parties will join hands in supporting musicians, as well as promoting high-quality music production.

Under this partnership, Bilibili will also host a series of online activities jointly with QQ Music. The two platforms will work together to create multiple music videos for outstanding creators, invite well-known musicians to remix certain songs and produce boutique music albums. In addition, the two sides will hold offline exchanges and concerts in the future to provide musicians with more professional training and performance opportunities.

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Commenting on the cooperation announcement, Li Ni, Vice Chairman and COO of Bilibili, said: “Bilibili is home to a large number of talented music creators and enthusiasts who are keen on secondary creation. As a leading domestic digital music platform, QQ Music has accumulated abundant experience in music copyright management, record distribution, as well as the support and promotion of musicians. We look forward to making more efforts to help outstanding musicians grow and benefit more music lovers.”

Hou Deyang, vice president of Tencent Music and Entertainment Group, owners of QQ Music, said, “As a music platform loved by the new generation of creators and listeners, QQ Music has always been committed to providing a sound ecosystem for music creators. Bilibili is a well-known original video community with high popularity among Generation Z, and its unique community atmosphere provides rich soil for high-quality musicians.”

According to official data, the number of music creators on Bilibili has exceeded 500,000, with over 1,000 original music works created each month. The total interactive engagements on videos in Bilibili‘s music section have exceeded 2.2 billion, with the total number of bullet chats exceeding 320 million. Remixed versions of “Are you OK”, “Gokuraku Joudo“, “Big Bowl Thick Noodle” and many other hit songs have gone viral across the Chinese internet.