Bilibili Announces 2021’s Top 100 Uploaders

Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili held a digital event on Friday to unveil several awards such as the Top 100 Uploaders, the Newcomer Award of the Year, the Best Work of the Year and the Social Contribution of the Year, based on three dimensions of professionalism, influence and innovation.

One uploader nicknamed “Dayueshe Shiyuji” won the highest popularity with her food-related videos. “Sanxingdui Gold Mask Made in 15 Days, Cost 200,000 Yuan” won the Best Work of the Year, while the “Square Past” series won the Original Column of the Year.

In addition to the above-mentioned awards, there are many newcomers who have been recognized by netizens for their contributions or performances.

MayTree, who won the Annual Overseas Uploader award, is a cabella orchestra from South Korea. Xiaoding, who won the Annual Social Contribution Award, is a math teacher in Fuyang, Anhui Province.

In the past year, knowledge-sharing content has experienced rapid growth on Bilibili. In 2021, the genre amassed an audience of 190 million on Bilibili, which is equivalent to five times the number of college students in China.

Chen Rui, chairman and CEO of Bilibili, said: “Compared with entertainment, video plays a more important role in transmitting knowledge. In the past, all knowledge was recorded in books, and in the future, all knowledge can be transmitted again through video.”

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Bilibili constantly improves its traffic distribution mechanism and optimizes the commercialization channel for high-quality creators. By the end of the third quarter last year, over 480,000 uploaders had benefited from the creator incentive plan.