Bike-Sharing and Mobility Firm Hello Inc. Revamps Name and Logo

Hello Inc., a Chinese mobility firm focused on bike-sharing that is also known as Hellobike, announced a brand upgrade on Monday. As part of the changes, the firm’s logo was changed from the previous “H” pattern to a “Hello” rounded rectangular symbol, which appears more like an app icon.

The company also simplified its Chinese name from “哈啰出行” to “哈啰” and introduced the concept of the new logo’s design. First, the brand removed the word “出行” (which means mobility) from its Chinese name, because the company is now developing more diversified businesses. Second, by replacing the graphic “H” logo with the Chinese characters “哈啰 (which means ‘Hello’),” it aims to focus users’ attention on the warm, high-spirited and cordial brand image more clearly.

(Source: Hello Inc.)

Furthermore, the brand logo adopts a smile design and builds a new visual image by optimizing the design of glyphs, strokes and font structures based on “Hello.” It integrates the smile-based design, which can better convey affinity and friendly emotional feelings. Finally, the brand color – “Hello Blue” – has been slightly adjusted, with the color and warm rounded font integrated within the new logo, showing the harmonious unity of science and technology.

According to its official website, Hello Inc. is a local travel and life services platform in China, committed to applying digital technology to provide people with more convenient travel and better services. Founded in September of 2016, the company is headquartered in Shanghai.

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At present, Hello Inc. mainly provides mobility services and emerging local services. Among them, its mobility services include two-wheeled sharing services (bikes and scooters) and four-wheeled travel services (ride-hailing).

Emerging local services include the self-owned brand Hello Scooters, Xiaoha Power Exchange (a joint venture established by Hello Inc., Ant Group and CATL), and Hello Car Rental. By the end of 2021, the company had 530 million registered users.