Banma and Unity Collaborate for China’s First Vehicle OS With Game Engine

Smart car operating system provider Banma and real-time 3D interactive content creation platform Unity jointly announced on Thursday that the Unity Integrated Development System has now officially included Banma’s operating system, AliOS. Moreover, AliOS has become the first smart car operating system equipped with a Unity engine in China.

Founded in 2004, Unity has accumulated rich experience in the game engine field, and as of 2021, the proportion of games made with Unity in the top 1,000 mobile games was as high as 72%.

With the acceleration of vehicle intelligence, smart cockpit screens are increasing in number, size and performance, and can bring about new experiences by connecting seats, air conditioning and ambient lighting, among other functions. Unity’s years of experience in mobile devices enable it to apply the same advantages to smart cockpits.

AliOS has achieved deep integration with the Unity engine at the system layer, covering lifecycle management, access to hardware and network, and more. It has also carried out deep optimization in performance to improve the efficiency of using GPU and CPU. This deep integration can create a cockpit experience that is difficult to achieve with Android, QNX and other systems.

The new AliOS system equipped with Unity can realize 3D effects, including 3D applications for multi-screen streaming and cross-screen display, 3D visualization of the car control interface, 3D particle motion effects for the air conditioning interface, high precision map display for smart driving, and immersive games that combine the whole car information with multi-mode interaction.

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Xiao Feng, the chief architect of Banma, said: “Looking forward, the AliOS development framework will better support third-party game development tools to create a more creative and immersive cockpit experience.” Currently, the technology of this cooperation has been initially applied to the IM Motor’s L7 intelligent pure electric sedan.