Baidu’s Xiaodu and NIO Cooperate for Vehicle Voice Assistant Upgrade

Baidu artificial intelligence assistant Xiaodu, also known as Duer, and NIO Inc., a new energy vehicle manufacturer, announced a bilateral cooperation on Thursday. Under the arrangement, both parties will optimize and upgrade the experience of NIO’s on-board voice operating system. In the future, Xiaodu will serve as the content ecological party, and cooperate with NIO to further enhance the interactive experience between people and vehicles.

This cooperation is based on the technical ability of cutting-edge AI voice technology and DuerOS, and upgrades the skills around the needs of in-car Q&A and audio-visual entertainment. It connects car owners, cars and the internet, becoming the AI assistant of drivers while on the road.

As the technical core of this cooperation, DuerOS has become the largest conversational voice operating system in China. At present, DuerOS has been upgraded to version 7.0, giving users a more natural, real and personalized experience. In other words, the more frequently the car owner uses it, the more the DuerOS understands his or her usage habits and preferences.

In addition to empowering the automobile industry, through continuous open ecological cooperation, more users are enjoying the convenience brought about by artificial intelligence, boosting prosperity and development within multiple industries.

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In the family scenario, DuerOS has accessed more than 200 million home appliances from over 500 mainstream brands including Haier, Skyworth, Midea and others. Users only need to call “Duer” to control a variety of home appliances in one sentence.

In addition, users can inquire about the weather, map navigation, and other topics, anytime and anywhere, by accessing portable products such as headphones and smartphones. In the hotel scenario, small-scale intelligent hardware has been implemented in over 350,000 rooms across more than 400 cities, with a cumulative service of over 100 million times. In the real estate scenario, DuerOS has entered several communities in China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd., a real estate company under China Merchants Group, as an AI family housekeeper, and the future smart community is steadily under construction.