Baidu’s Ernie Bot-Integrated Cloud Service to Launch on March 27

Baidu, a Chinese technology company that recently launched its ChatGPT-like platform called Ernie Bot, is preparing to introduce a cloud service on March 27 that will integrate the large language model (LLM) and generative AI product. With Ernie Bot, businesses of various kinds will be able to choose suitable cloud services and products based on their needs, and quickly and cost-effectively develop their own models and applications.

Launched on March 16, Ernie Bot demonstrates expertise in several domains including literary composition, business writing, mathematical calculation, Chinese language comprehension, and multi-modal generation.

Using its capabilities in dialogue, analysis, and content generation, Ernie Bot provided a summary of the key content of the renowned Chinese science fiction novel, The Three-Body Problem. It also proposed five angles for potential expansion of the story based on dialogue queries, showcasing its comprehensive abilities.

Ernie Bot also proved to be a versatile business copywriter, capable of creating a brand from scratch, including devising a name for the company, crafting an appealing brand slogan, and drafting press releases. It also demonstrated its logical thinking ability by solving classic problems like the “chicken and rabbit in the same cage” puzzle, understanding the question’s meaning, devising a correct problem-solving strategy, and following the appropriate steps to arrive at the correct solution.

Ernie Bot exhibits exceptional natural language processing (NLP) capabilities in Chinese, evident in its comprehension of the Chinese language and cultural nuances. During a demonstration, Ernie Bot illustrated its proficiency by explaining the meaning of the Chinese idiom “Paper is expensive in Luoyang,” which refers to the high demand for paper caused by the popularity of poetry.

According to Robin Li, the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Baidu, despite the capabilities of Ernie Bot, LLM of this type are still a long way from perfection, and continuous improvement based on real-world user feedback remains essential.

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Ernie Bot’s services will be available through Baidu AI Cloud, which will enable businesses to develop their own models and applications that will result in significant enhancements in key sectors such as agriculture, industry, finance, education, healthcare, transportation, and energy.

Ernie Bot is currently offered as a limited service to a select group of individuals at the front of a lengthy queue, and potential business clients must wait for an application programming interface (API) to connect to the chatbot. As of 1:00 pm on March 20, Baidu reported that 21 companies have completed the set-up process, and over 100,000 businesses have applied for an API.