Baidu Adjusts Management, Accelerating Development of AI Cloud Group

Robin Li, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Chinese tech giant Baidu, announced on Thursday morning a new round of an executive rotational program in an email to all employees.

Specifically, Dou Shen, Executive Vice President of Baidu, will be the head of the firm’s AI Cloud Group (ACG). Jackson He is being promoted to Senior Vice President of the group, and will also be the rotating head of the Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Group (MEG). Dr. Haifeng Wang will continue to serve as Executive Vice President and CTO of the Group, and will no longer serve as head of ACG.

According to the internal message, in the future, Dou Shen will be responsible for leading the ACG team, speeding up the integration of cloud and artificial intelligence, and achieving a quantitative to qualitative change in scale and health.

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Jackson He, who has rich experience in investment and sales management, will lead the MEG while adhering to long-term thinking and continuously improving operational efficiency, so as to adapt to environmental changes and industry trends.

Haifeng Wang will continue to lead Baidu‘s technology platform system in development and innovation, providing strong technical support for various businesses, and making timely judgments and layouts on major technology directions and trends.