BAIC Group’s Arcfox to Increase Vehicle Prices

Arcfox, an electric vehicle brand owned by BAIC BluePark New Energy, said on Wednesday that due to factors such as the rising cost of raw materials and declining national subsidies in China, it has decided to increase vehicle prices from May 1. The specific adjustment plan will be announced before April 30.

Arcfox announced in June last year that the Alpha S Huawei Hi version would become the first vehicle equipped with the Huawei HarmonyOS operating system.

The biggest highlight of this vehicle is that it is equipped with Huawei’s autonomous driving technology. The vehicle also adapts three 96-wire car-gauge lidars, six millimeter wave radars, 12 cameras, 13 ultrasonic radars, and a Huawei chip with a computing power of up to 352Tops.

Based on HarmonyOS, the model also supports connection with smart home appliances, allowing users to enjoy an experience similar to cinemas, game halls and karaoke rooms.

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BAIC BluePark New Energy’s operating income last year was 8.697 billion yuan ($1.37 billion), up 64.95% year-on-year, while the net loss attributable to shareholders was 5.244 billion yuan. The company’s sales target in 2022 is 100,000 units, including 40,000 Arcfox cars.

By the end of 2021, Arcfox’s authorized sales outlets have covered 15 key Chinese cities in which the sales volume of high-end pure electric vehicles accounted for more than 80%. This year, Arcfox plans to build 100 new stores in 60 cities, covering 94% of the Chinese market.