AutoX Launches China’s Largest Data Center for Autonomous Driving in Shanghai

Chinese self-driving company AutoX is launching a big data center in Shanghai. It will serve as the largest data hub for self-driving car data in China.

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In 2019, the company signed an agreement with Shanghai municipal authorities to deploy 100 autonomous vehicles in the city’s Jiading District.

AutoX’s RoboTaxis are terminals that collect massive amounts of real-world data. Each car generates 1TB of data per hour, and petabytes of real-world data each week. The facility will house tools for operating a large fleet of self-driving cars and serve as a data center with round-the-clock cloud computing simulation capabilities, allowing for more varied and complex scenarios to test vehicles.

The new project builds on AutoX’s previous experience operating a fleet of RoboTaxis in Shenzhen, a program that was launched in 2019 in partnership with China’s largest EV-maker BYD.

In 2019, AutoX opened an R&D and operations center in Beijing. At the end of the year, AutoX also obtained the first self-driving license granted to a company after the release of Shanghai’s new autonomous driving regulations, and subsequently formed its first unmanned automobile fleet. Headquartered in Shenzhen, AutoX currently operates eight offices and five R&D centers globally.