Apple’s Peripheral Services Set a New Record in China

On August 2nd, Apple released its Q3 quarterly data, among which, the growth of peripheral services is worth more attention.

In Apple’s Q3 data, the revenues of greater China region were $8.004 billion, down by 10 percent of that of $8.848 billion than the same period last year, which stemmed mainly from Apple’s declining sales in the Chinese market.

Although Apple’s performance has in the greater China region become a stumbling block to Apple’s global growth, the revenue of “peripheral services” is much more noteworthy in these figures. According to Apple’s Q3 data, revenue from peripheral service in the world was $7.266 billion, up by nearly 22% than that of $5.976 billion in the same period last year.

In other words, the ratio of main service income in this quarter is also a small number. Since the selling of products such as iPhone, Mac, and others reduced, Apple has been developing additional services about these products, which are like gold-mines for Apple.

​For “peripheral services”, Apple has a more localized service in China. In addition to working with Unionpay, in last November, Apple accessed to Alipay. Since then, users could purchase app in the App Store through Alipay besides original credit card and charging payment. Also, Alipay’s Ant Credit Pay allows users to enjoy Apple’s services earlier. They can purchase in this month and pay it in next month.

Alipay’s participation makes it easier for Chinese users to buy Apple products or services, and Apple may also add more ways to pay in the future.


This article originally appeared in Sina and was translated by Pandaily.

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