Apple Exceeded Target in Clean Energy Project Development in China

On the evening of April 17th, Apple announced some progress in clean energy and water resource projects, including: Apple and its suppliers jointly support over 18 terawatts of clean energy in use, achieving billions of gallons of water use benefits and water-saving effects. In China, Apple adopted innovative methods in 2018 to help 12 suppliers operating in China obtain renewable energy resources through the China Clean Energy Fund. The fund has now exceeded its target, investing in over 1 terawatt of wind and solar projects in 14 provinces in China. These projects are expected to provide over 2,400 terawatt-hours of renewable energy each year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 2.5 million people in China.

To address greenhouse gas emissions related to customer device usage, Apple has pledged that by 2030, it will offset all electricity used for charging through large-scale investments in new renewable energy projects worldwide. This commitment aims to minimize emissions caused by using Apple products by improving efficiency, helping customers participate in grid decarbonization, and building clean power projects to maximize carbon reduction effects and social impact. In the United States, Apple will invest in a series of under-construction solar projects across Michigan, which will produce 132 megawatts of clean energy later this year. In Spain, Apple has partnered with the international solar development platform ib vogt to invest in a solar project. By the end of 2024, the project will produce 105 megawatts of solar power.

In response to the company’s growing operations in India, Apple has invested in six rooftop solar projects with renewable energy developers, with a total scale of 14.4 megawatts. The increased capacity provides local solutions to power Apple offices, two retail stores in India, and other operational activities. In 2018, Apple first achieved 100% renewable energy use in global corporate operations.

Apple is also continuously advancing another 2030 goal: to offset 100% of the freshwater consumed by company operations in water-scarce areas. This work includes launching new collaborative projects to provide about 26.5 million tons of water resource benefits over the next 20 years by restoring soil aquifers and rivers and funding access to drinking water. Apple suppliers saved about 45.42 million tons of freshwater last year; since the company launched the supplier clean water project in 2013, a total of about 287 million tons of freshwater has been saved.

“Clean energy and water resources are the foundation of healthy communities and an important cornerstone of responsible businesses,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Affairs. “We are racing to complete our ambitious Apple 2030 climate goals while committed to long-term work to reform the grid and restore watersheds, building a cleaner future for everyone.”

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