AMD Denies Lay-off Rumors: “Minor Optimization and Reorganization”

It is rumored that AMD will cut 10%-15% of its workforce inChina , affecting four to five hundred employees. In response, AMD stated on Thursday that, “The rumors online are false. Based on adjustments to the company’s strategy, there have been minor optimizations and reorganizations within the company structure recently.”

As a matter of fact, as AMD added, in order to adapt to market changes, the company will continue to recruit for key areas of its business in the China region.

According to AMD’s Q2 financial report, the company generated $5.4 billion in revenue during the second quarter of this year, which remained relatively stable compared to previous periods. The net profit was $27 million, representing a 119% increase compared to previous periods. Both total revenue and adjusted earnings per share exceeded Wall Street analysts’ expectations.

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