Alibaba’s DingTalk to Accelerate Commercialization

At the 2022 DingTalk Product Launch Conference held on Tuesday, Ye Jun, President of DingTalk, announced that the company would initiate various commercialization efforts. Launched in 2015, DingTalk is an intelligent mobile office tool developed by Alibaba, and is provided free of charge to all Chinese enterprises for business communication and work collaboration.

At present, the free standard software is available in three commercial options, including professional, exclusive and proprietary versions, and it already has the foundation for commercialization.

At the recent product launch conference, DingTalk also put forward a key account management strategy. While serving small and medium-sized enterprises, it will set up a team for most important customers together with Alibaba Cloud ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud will help DingTalk to build an ecological service system and abilities for important customers.

Ye Jun emphasized that the ecological strategy should be clearly platform-as-a-service (PaaS)-oriented. It will be a basic capability platform, continuing to provide support for collaborative office work and application development. The company will continue to invest in basic products such as online documents, audio and video functions, project management and conferences. Other professional applications will be made by ecosystem and hardware developers. In addition, the company opens core scenarios including group chats, schedules and documents to ecological partners.

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A few days ago, Ku Wei, Vice President of Alibaba, took up his post as COO at DingTalk and was made responsible for the key account management strategy.

At the press conference, DingTalk also released a new logo and new Chinese brand slogan – “DingTalk, let progress happen.” It also introduced a “Do Not Disturb Mode” for after work. When this mode is turned on, users will no longer receive message notifications including DMs, group chat texts or mentions, and this mode will be automatically kept on until 9:00 the next morning, although specific timings can be customized.

(Source: DingTalk)