Alibaba Sets Up Business Data Services Subsidiary Lingyang

Chinese internet giant Alibaba announced the establishment of a new subsidiary on Wednesday called Lingyang. “The launch of the new firm is an important step taken by Alibaba after long-term consideration,” said Daniel Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba, adding that future companies are data-driven in a broad sense, and all-round digital construction is the consensus for all walks of life.

At present, Lingyang has five cloud computing product categories: analysis, marketing, production and marketing, customer services, and development, including 11 core products such as Dataphin, Bizphin, QuickAudience, and QuickBI.

Cheng Li, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba, said that Lingyang assembled the internal digital intelligence technology related teams of Alibaba, which was upgraded by the integration of several core departments. In the future, it will focus on the customer’s perspective and help enterprises drive efficient decision-making and promote growth through data intelligence through multi-platform operations.

The pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation within enterprises. However, many enterprises have a weak digital foundation, and face problems such as scattered internal data and inability to use or poor use of data. Many enterprises need multi-platform operations, multi-warehouse deployment and multi-channel access. On the premise of ensuring data compliance and security management, it is an urgent challenge to help enterprises form core digital assets and create greater value through data.

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Peng Xinyu, Vice President of Alibaba Group and CEO of Lingyang, said that software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers aimed at single-point problems are constantly emerging, but most of them are limited to workflow transformation, which solves the efficiency problem, but does not solve the core growth problem. What Lingyang wants to do is “Not SaaS, But DaaS.” Its essence is to allow data to drive as the growth engine, integrate the business, data and workflow of enterprises, and make data intelligence offer the maximum value in the production and operation of enterprises.

Lingyang boasts Alibaba‘s experience and ability in past digital practices. The team had previously supported the incubation of digital intelligence projects such as Alibaba Double 11 Data Display and 88VIP, and has served the digital construction of many enterprises such as LVMH, Doosan, China Red Star, XPeng Motors, Hangzhou Robam Appliances and Haidilao.