Alibaba Personnel Changes, Eddie Wu Concurrently Serves as CEO of Taobao&Tmall Group

On December 20th, Alibaba Group Holding Limited announced personnel changes. Eddie Wu, the CEO of Alibaba Group and Chairman of Taobao&Tmall Group, will also serve as the CEO of Taobao&Tmall Group. From now on, Eddie Wu will concurrently hold three CEO positions in Alibaba Group, Taobao&Tmall Group, and Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group. Alibaba stated that this move will help lead the transformation of Taobao&Tmall through technological innovation and ensure that the group focuses on core strategic e-commerce and cloud businesses while maintaining unified command and high-intensity continuous investment.

On that day, Chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Limited, Joseph Tsai, announced this appointment through a company-wide letter. In the letter, he wrote, “In this new era, we need new strategies and organizational transformation. Facing the past and looking towards the future, changing ourselves, I believe that Alibaba Group Holding Limited will undergo a transformation.”

Joseph Tsai also stated in the employee letter: “Since Eddie Wu took over as CEO of the group three months ago, he has been actively promoting the rejuvenation of our management team. Moving forward, we will fully utilize young management teams who have gained experience at grassroots level and shown great potential, in order to create an innovative environment for young people.”

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In March of this year, Alibaba Group Holding Limited initiated organizational changes. In September, Joseph Tsai and Eddie Wu officially assumed the positions of Chairman and CEO of the group. Subsequently, Eddie Wu announced the establishment of two strategic priorities: “user-first” and “AI-driven”. The business was then reorganized around these two priorities to reshape the priority of business strategies while also implementing reforms for a younger management team.

In November, during the quarterly performance conference call, Eddie Wu for the first time disclosed the new strategic blueprint to the outside world. It identified three key priorities for the next decade: technology-driven internet platform business, AI-driven technology business, and globalized commercial network.

At the end of last month, Eddie Wu made judgments and choices about Alibaba Cloud’s strategic direction, determining that in the next five years, they will implement an AI-driven strategy with a priority on public cloud. He made significant adjustments to the business management team. He believes that today’s Alibaba is facing rapidly developing new technologies, market changes, and new expectations. Regardless of past success, they must start anew and awaken an entrepreneurial mindset.

With Eddie Wu’s dual focus on Taobao&Tmall and Alibaba Cloud, the formation of the group’s strategic core business development lineup has basically taken shape.

According to the information, Trudy Dai, former CEO of Taobao&Tmall Group, will assist in establishing Alibaba Group Holding Limited‘s asset management company. “This is a new business function after Alibaba‘s transformation.”