Alibaba Cloud Releases First Cloud Computer for Designers

On the Opening Day of the Apsara Conference held on Monday, two of Alibaba Cloud’s all-in-one machines, based on the new generation of the company’s Wuying infrastructure, were unveiled. After one application in the machine has been adapted, it can now use up to 1024 CPU cores and 8 high-performance GPUs.

The two new products are available in a 23.8-inch standard version and 27-inch Pro version. The Pro version is equipped with a touch screen and stylus for painting, and has been billed as the first cloud computer for designers.

In the exhibition area of the Apsara Conference, the audience could preview the experience of the all-in-one machine. In the preview version, more than 10 demonstration application icons, such as 3D rendering, visual design, programming and mobile games in Windows, Linux, Android or domestic operating systems, gathered on the screen. Users do not need to switch systems or download any other applications.

At the Apsara Conference in 2020, Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba Cloud and Intelligent Business Group, released the first cloud computer, “Wuying”. “Unlike personal computers, cloud computers allow you to run your workloads in the cloud,” he said. “Through cloud computing, this device can deliver an infinite amount of computing power.”

According to the staff, the new generation of Wuying was upgraded in September this year. After more than a year’s exploration, the computer can support a variety of hardware components and many more applications under its common system protocol.

On the very same day, Alibaba Cloud also introduced that it will build Wuying into a more open cloud network convergence architecture. Through the cloud application environment and interface, developers can enable industrial software customers to call more flexible and cost-effective computing storage resources.

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In May this year, Wuying was put into large-scale commercial use. At present, Wuying has three types of cloud computers: card, box and all-in-one machine. The all-in-one machine will be officially released in the next quarter. At present, Alibaba Cloud official website has opened up appointments for the machines. Wuying’s personal computer edition will also start a free trial program in November, and it is estimated that 50,000 spots will be opened to the public.