Alibaba Cloud Founder Wang Jian to Return to Company with New Title

On May 11th, Leiphone reported that Wang Jian, the founder of Alibaba Cloud, will return to the cloud computing division of Chinese internet giant Alibaba. Sources reveal that as early as the end of 2022, Wang was invited by Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang and others to serve as an advisor for inspecting and guiding the work of Alibaba Cloud. After several months of adjustment and negotiation, Wang will soon join Alibaba Cloud full-time with a new title.

In 2013, Wang resigned from his position as the president of Alibaba Cloud. His return to the company after a decade and how he will regain prominence in the spotlight are currently under scrutiny.

Wang played a crucial role in leading Alibaba Cloud through its challenging start-up phase. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, has pledged to invest 1 billion yuan ($143 million) annually for ten years into the company. Wang was responsible for overseeing the technical research and development of Alibaba Cloud during this period. Following his resignation as president in 2013, Alibaba Cloud experienced rapid growth and became one of the world’s top four cloud providers within a few short years.

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Alibaba Cloud has invited Wang once again, signaling the restructuring of the company. Over the past decade, the Chinese cloud market has matured from its initial stage. The emergence of large AI models presents a new growth opportunity for cloud vendors.

Currently, Alibaba Group is undergoing a restructuring process that involves dividing the company into six major groups. As a result, Alibaba Cloud has the dual responsibility of driving group growth and adapting to these internal changes.