Alibaba-backed AutoNavi Announces Brand Upgrade in Effort to Provide More Daily Life-Related Services

Alibaba-backed AutoNavi on Thursday held a brand upgrade conference in Beijing, launching a brand-new slogan “AutoNavi covers everything you need”.

Yu Yongfu, chairman of AutoNavi, said, “In the past 19 years, we have focused on map and navigation aids. At present, in addition to previous well-known services, our app aggregates a variety of location-based outgoing services such as eating, drinking and travel.”

AutoNavi has a large number of location-based open service partners in various fields, such as State Grid Corporation, Ctrip, Fliggy and Koubei. “We hope to focus on the scene after going out and use AutoNavi to integrate food, clothing, housing and transportation. We want to aggregate more partners with one platform.” Yu said.

In the field of travel, as of July 2021, there have been more than 100 online car platforms with different price ranges on AutoNavi for users to choose from. According to statistics provided by the company, the “Commission-free Alliance” established by AutoNavi and other online car platforms has brought many benefits for over one million drivers who use the service to find customers. For example, after canceling the commission during the morning rush hour, drivers’ income in this specific period increased by more than 25%.

In 2021, AutoNavi reached a cooperative agreement with the Beijing Taxi Association in an attempt to bring together small and medium-sized taxi enterprises on the platform.

To help facilitate more users sharing of their favorite services to others, in September 2020, AutoNavi Guideline was released, covering all categories in 350 cities across the country. From Thursday, users can create multi-dimensional interest guides such as fishing, camping, parking, house-renting, and others.

AutoNavi also established a partnership with Yu Qian, a famous crosstalk comedian who loves to explore high-quality entertainment spots. Users are called to join the association and create more personal recommendations.

As one of the first batch of members of the association, Yu Yongfu and Yu Qian have already set up their personal guides on AutoNavi.

“We are dedicated to creating a tool for users to enjoy the sharing procedure,” Yu Yongfu said.

While announcing the brand upgrade, AutoNavi officially released a new version with a more intuitive navigation service.

Previously, the recommended route given by the app wasn’t able to meet personal needs. AutoNavi provides users with many route choices with different preferences, including avoiding congestion, giving priority to high-speed railways or main roads, lowest costs and fees,  and  shortest possible travel time.

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Many people have had the awkward experience of mixing terminals or failing to find a parking lot at a scenic spot. The new version of AutoNavi will intuitively  recommend and display the destinations users want to visit, such as popular scenic spots, railway stations, airports, hospitals and schools.

In 2015, AutoNavi teamed up with Guo Degang, another celebrated crosstalk comedian. “We have invited Lin Chi-ling, Guo Degang, Li Jiaqi, Xiaotuantuan and Zhu Guangquan to record audio guide materials. I believe Yu Qian’s participation will bring a better navigation experience  to our users,” said Wang Guixin, vice president of AutoNavi.

In the past, most of us were highly accustomed to using AutoNavi for navigation. Going forward, the company now hopes everyone will use the app for their daily lives.