A Chinese Gaming Company to Launch First Metaverse Concept Game, Shares Hit Trading Limit of 20%

Influenced by the news that the company would launch a Metaverse concept game “Brew Master”, Chinese gaming company Zhongqingbao’s stock rose sharply this week for the second day in a row, Chinese media outlet Kuaikeji reported . Many virtual reality and Metaverse concept stocks followed up.

At the close of September 8, the company’s share price was 11.81 yuan ($1.83)/share, with a total market value of about 3.11 billion yuan ($481.7 million).

According to the report, Zhongqingbao announced on September 6 that it would launch a Metaverse concept game “Brew Master” which will allow players to create their own business in a simulated environment but experience the effects in real life.

That is to say, players will be able to construct a world according to their own wishes and even run their own liquor factory and then be able to purchase liquor for offline consumption.

According to Zhongqingbao, the storyline of the game is to transmigrate the player to China a hundred years ago and become a manager of a liquor factory. The player will operate the liquor factory, starting from scratch and then build it up over time.

The gaming company said, the liquor produced by players in the game with their own original secret recipe can be picked up offline in the liquor factory brand store.

That is to say, what players make won’t have to stay in the digital world, nor will be the virtual gold coins and rewards in games, but they can get their own unique, physical liquor complete with their own design and packaging.

After the company’s share price sharply rose, Zhongqingbao quickly issued an announcement to warn of some risks involved.

Zhongqingbao announced that the game mentioned by some media recently involved the concept of “Metaverse”, which caused abnormal fluctuations in the company’s stock price. Metaverse is a huge concept and the company is still in the initial exploration stage and the concept it touches upon is relatively new. These new types of games are still under research and development. At present, the release date and areas of the new game will be affected by many factors, and they’re not guaranteed to work right away.

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Recently, the concept of Metaverse has become a heated topic. The word Metaverse comes from the writer Neal Stephenson’s science fiction story “Avalanche,” which describes a world in which people interact with various types of software in three-dimensional space. However, the specific concept of a Metaverse is still a bit vague.

According to its official website, Shenzhen Zhongqingbao Interactive Network Co., Ltd., was established in 2003. It claims to be one of the earliest gaming companies engaged in the development, operation and distribution of online games in China. It is also the first A-share listed gaming company in China.