A Celebration Beyond the Border: VIPKID Brings Chinese New Year To Disneyland

On the first weekend after the Chinese New Year, over 20 Chinese teenagers traveled to the U.S. to share New Year’s traditions with their VIPKID English teachers at Disneyland in California.

VIPKID Disney New Year
Chinese teenagers share New Year’s traditions with their VIPKID English teachers at Disneyland in California
VIPKID Kid and Teacher Celebrating Chinese New Year
VIPKID Kid and Teacher Celebrating Chinese New Year

As VIPKID, an online English education platform, bridges the English and Chinese worlds, it introduced the Disney’s Youth Education Series — the “YES” program to Chinese students.

VIPKID Kids and teachers gathering in California
VIPKID Student and Teacher Gathering in California

“We believe that the YES program will empower our VIPKID teachers and enlighten our students in their language learning and stimulate their interest,” said Hope Ma, VP of VIPKID.

Yiyi, a 10-year-old girl, gave her English teacher Melissa Moad a “Dino,” the mascot of VIPKID, as a New Year present.

VIPKID Kid and Teacher Gathering
Yiyi and her English teacher Melissa Moad

“I taught her some Chinese as well, and now she can speak a little Chinese!” Yiyi said.

Although the little girl met Moad in person for the first time, she couldn’t help jumping up and down and enthusiastically chatting with her.

Yiyi’s mother was happy to see Yiyi’s improvement in spoken English and changes in her personality.

“She used to be very shy and didn’t have the courage to speak up in public,” said Yiyi’s mother. “But after a year of study with Melissa, she’s more willing to express herself.”

Moad also enjoyed the past year with Yiyi as an online teacher. She liked the flexibility to teach from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. at VIPKID, while she could take care of her own children for the rest of the day.

Like the other 60,000 English teachers at VIPKID, Moad found closer relationships with students and a unique two-way cultural exchange experience at the company.

“I love the chance to cross the ocean through the computer and interact with another culture and learn about another culture and teach them my language,” Moad said.

“VIPKID has always aimed to bring the best educational resource to children around the world,” said Jason Li, general manager of branding at VIPKID. “We are also building a bridge to connect China and the rest of the world through communication and promoting our charming traditional cultures.”