100,000th Vehicle of Hozon Auto Rolls Off Production Line

On January 8, Chinese carmaker Hozon Auto ushered in its 100,000th mass production electric vehicle (EV). According to firm officials, it took only 42 months for the company to produce the first to the 100,000th EV.

Hozon Auto said that in 2021, it successfully launched two major products, the NETA U Pro and NETA V Pro. The monthly orders of the NETA U Pro exceeded 5,000 units, and the monthly orders of the NETA V Pro exceeded 10,000 units. The cumulative delivery throughout the year was nearly 70,000 units, and the monthly delivery volume continuously exceeded 10,000 units in November and December.

In addition, Hozon Auto successfully released the Shanhai Platform for intelligent automobiles. In 2022, Hozon Auto will focus on building the NETA S, the first model developed on the Shanhai Platform.

NETA S will offer two versions: EREV and BEV. Huawei’s MDC computing platform, which can realize 200T high computing power, will be applied to the vehicle. Two laser radars, five millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, 13 cameras, high-precision positioning units, a high-HD map and other sensing units will be adopted, which can realize pilot assisted driving on high-speed and urban roads, and L4 intelligent driving in some scenarios such as parking and remote calling.

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In addition, regarding the firm’s global development, Hozon Auto has released the right-hand version of NETA V for overseas markets, which is expected to officially open expansion and layout in Southeast Asian markets during the first half of 2022. Meanwhile, the NETA S will also fully enter the European market after its completion at the end of 2022.